3 Tips to Staying Organized This Year


Are you the New Year's Resolution making type? I confess that for many years I balked at the idea, feeling like it was just too cliche. Recently, I have come to have a renewed respect for dreaming, goal setting and more generally, personal discipline. 

Organizational Tools

Setting goals and achieving them doesn't have to be a drudgery! These 3 tips/tools have turned something that felt doomed to lead to disappointment into something to look forward to and be inspired by.

Tip #1-Coffee!


Enough said, right?! Your favorite mug and a cozy chair or some time alone at a cute coffee shop are the perfect settings for some reflection and goal setting. And what goals can't be accomplished with the help of a little caffeine? (That is, unless your goal is to drink less coffee!)

Tip #2 - Pretty Things

Chronical Books Botanicals Notebooks

I don't know about you, but I find reflecting, setting goals, planning and getting to work a whole lot more inspiring when I'm using a pretty journal or favorite pen. I'm a list-maker but who says lists have to be boring or on scraps of paper that always get lost? These Chronicle Books Botanicals Notebooks are my favorites! Keep yourself motivated with things that inspire you and make you happy!

Tip #3 - Technology

I'm a confessed "old soul" but I also see the value in technology. Although I journal by hand and use handwritten lists, I have also found several modern tools extremely helpful in my day-to-day life. The first is all things Google (gmail, google drive, google calendar). They run my life.

The second is an app called Wunderlist. My husband and I recently started using it to keep shared to do lists for stuff around the house, things we need to discuss and groceries. I can add to the grocery list as he's shopping in the store!

The third techie tool is audio education, or more specifically Overdrive and podcasts. Both are free (Overdrive works through your local library) and give you access to books and discussions on just about any topic. They keep me "reading" and learning in a season of life where I rarely get to sit down.

I would love to hear your favorite organizational and goal-achieving tips! Leave a comment! Here's to a new year full of dreaming, new adventures, and personal growth!