All the Little Things

I love how through photography I get the opportunity to capture the beauty and uniqueness of various seasons of life - birth, first steps, graduation, engagement, marriage, anniversaries, etc. 

The newborn stage is especially precious and fleeting. You blink and it's gone. Some of the most meaningful pictures of those few days and weeks are those of the little details - the soft curl on the top of his head, her long eyelashes resting on a chubby cheek, tiny fingers curled in a tight fist, the belly button that gentle moves up and down with each breath, even the fuzz that covers her back and shoulders. 

Today my newborn is one month old and her newborn days are numbered. In the chaos of life with 4 children under 6, I made myself pause and focus on all the little things I don't ever want to forget. And of course, I did so with my camera in hand.

This weekend, stop for a moment and notice something tiny that touches your heart and at least take a mental picture of it to treasure forever!

newborn details picture