The Lost Art of Journaling

I've mentioned it before, but I am hopelessly an old soul. Progress is wonderful, but sometimes, in the midst of the rush to evolve, simple things that didn't need to be improved upon get lost. Other times, it's not even that intentional. Instead, progress just makes us busier and things fall to the wayside.

I believe journaling is one such thing most of us either intentionally or unintentionally don't get around to. And I think that is tragic. (Yes, I too can look back on my Facebook, Instagram and blog posts and thousands of digital pictures to remember life, but it's just not the same as the handwritten word!)

my kids' journals

my kids' journals

In our home, there are many journals scattered around. I have kept personal journals for my thoughts and prayers for many years, going through periods where I write more and less. I should probably do a better job of hiding ones that are too private, like those from my high school years! 

My most precious journals, these days, are the ones I keep for my children (pictured above). This is a tradition started by my mother (who puts most other journal-keepers to shame). When my brothers and I were children, she kept a separate journal for each of us recording all of our "firsts", funny sayings, mischievous acts and sweet moments.

my mother's journal for me!

my mother's journal for me!

When I had my first child, my mother gave me the journal she had kept for me. Reading through it as a new mom, comparing my baby to myself as a baby, and hearing my mother's thoughts so many years ago, wove a deep connection between the generations and between me and my mother. 

So I do the same thing she does. I don't write nearly as frequently as she did, and always wish I wrote more, but I write. I write to my children. I write about them. And I look back and read about the many things I have already forgotten.

the lost art of journalling, chattanooga photographer

This week, my firstborn, Grace, turned six. Before she woke up on her birthday, I found myself misty-eyed, writing in her journal. And for her birthday, my mother gave her a journal. The tradition continues to the next generation! 

first journal

Future generations, and older us, will be able to glimpse into our worlds through our very own handwritten words!

What's holding you back from keeping a journal? It's the start of a new year - a great time to start something new *wink*!

P.S. Happy Birthday, sweet Grace. You are beautiful, smart, strong and kind. I love you so much!