Weekend Getaway - Lake Rabun Hotel

Everybody loves a weekend getaway, right? Parents of young children? Well that's a no brainer. Sometimes you feel like you live for getaways without the kids! But truly, we all need a change a scene every so often. There's nothing like getting out of town to make the two days of a weekend feel a whole lot longer.

From Chattanooga, there are a number of great spots just a couple hours' drive, each with a completely different feel. Atlanta. Knoxville. Nashville. Birmingham. Asheville. Or there is always the beautiful outdoors. Rivers. Lakes. The Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains. 

Getaways don't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Pitch a tent. Air B&B it. Or travel hack your way with credit card rewards and Groupon/Living Social deals. It does get tricky if you have to figure out childcare.

We are blessed with parents that understand our need to get away as a couple. A few weekends ago, while my mother was in town, she virtually forced my husband and I to go away for the night. We chose Lake Rabun in Lakemont, Georgia on the recommendation of my in-laws and LOVED it! It's a scenic three-hour drive from downtown Chattanooga, along the Ocoee River, through mountains and farmland and peaceful lake country.

We stayed at the Lake Rabun Hotel. I can't rave enough about this place! 

If you know me, you know I have a love for history. Wandering through the hotel, you can just feel like you are a thread away from traveling back in time to the 20s when people from Atlanta regularly vacationed there. Now, have no fear, it has been fully restored and preserved! It's just something about the pictures on the walls and the "staying at a friend's home" touch that brings history alive.

And then, there's the food. The hotel chef has won awards or something. We definitely give him the "I have never been more full of rich southern-style cooking" award! 

Sunday Brunch: Eggs Benedict
Sunday Brunch: Chicken and Waffles
The INCLUDED breakfast with a night's stay at the hotel!

(Pardon the phone pictures, I was too distracted by the food in front of me to think of taking my camera out!)

Are you ready to go yet?

After eating that kind of meal there are only two things to do: nap and walk it off. And we did both! The hotel has a bunch of information on short hikes and pretty views around the area. We checked out a couple of the waterfalls.

And still full from our brunch, we just had a simple picnic dinner on the lake, but grown-up style. No PBJs! We brought up some fancy cheesy, crackers and salami and fruit and chocolate. The only thing missing was the wine, but as you can tell from the picture of us in front of the waterfall, I have to refrain for awhile. 

The summer is a great time to visit this region with the lush trails and beautiful flowers. There is a public beach where you can swim in the lake along with a dock right by the hotel. I am sure the foliage is just gorgeous in the fall and if you visit in winter, I would recommend getting a room with a lake view as the trees will be bare and the lake far more visible from the hotel.

That's all for this week! Seriously, check this place out if you live in Tennessee, Georgia or North Carolina!