The Cutler Family - Chattanooga Summer Family Photo Session

One lovely Saturday, the Cutler family met me at Nickajack Dam (just off Amnicola Highway on the south side of the river) for an early morning photo session. Summer morning light is just gorgeous around here! And you can't get a more handsome looking family! 

In honor of the holiday, I thought I'd post their patriotic color scheme family session. Happy 4th!

I love how even their three-year-old sported the red color pop with his stylish TOMS!
They call the little guy "butter" - can't you see why? I could just eat up those rolls! Oh and by the way, Lisa made this quilt for her boys!

With my family sessions, I try to always get an individual shot of each parent. Too often it feels like the parents get lost in the cuteness of the kids. And too often all of the pictures we take and have around our homes showcase just our children. 

Josh - you now have no excuse not to have a framed picture of your beautiful wife on your desk at work. And Lisa, who's to say you can't display a picture of your hubby on your sewing table?! :o)

Just look at that handsome pair!

On a technical note for you photography geeks out there, this was a hybrid photo shoot. I used my Nikon d610 and 50mm F/1.4 lens for the digital images and edited them with the Mastin Labs Fuji Pro 400H presets in Lightroom. The film shots came from my Pentax 645N and Fujicolor Pro 400H film. I'm loving shooting film (and adore my Pentax) and I am entirely indebted to Kirk Mastin for creating and sharing presets that bring cohesion to my film and digital work!