Birthday Boy - A Photo Story About a Soon-to-be Two Year Old

In just a few days, my little guy turns two. It's hard to believe how the time has flown by and we truly can't imagine life without him! One of biggest reasons I love photography, and what got me into it in the first place, is that pictures freeze moments in time - moments that we as parents, lovers, and friends don't ever want to forget.

So here is a photo story to freeze this moment in time...because I know this little guy will change all too soon! I look forward to all he will become but treasure who he is right now.

Meet Weston.

Weston is one cool dude.

He is full of funny faces

but beware...he may come and "get you."

He is strong

and fearless

and sometimes reckless.

He is comfortable in pink.

But loves his pick-up truck, cars, trains

and watching the trash truck every week.

His favorite comfort in life is to suck his thumb and rub his belly button.

More than things, though, this boy LOVES his family. He is a Daddy's boy through and through

but I know he loves me too,

He loves his "Gaga"

and his "Lala."

He's not so sure what all this talk about a baby sister is about but I'm sure he will grow to love her too.

He adores his grandparents. His Pawpaw and Grandmama who always lets him drive the big tractors,

his Nonni and Popi

and his Gigi and Pop

And he loves his aunts, uncles and cousins.

He brings so much joy to all of our lives! Happy Birthday Buddy!