Grayton Beach Family Vacation Photography

As promised, here are the the beach babes pictures from our glorious week vacationing at Grayton Beach off 30A in Florida. (If you've been there, you'll understand why I note 30A. It's kind of a thing ;o)). 

Grayton Beach is just a short drive from Seaside, a great little town center. We made it over there a couple of times to window shop (LOVE their bookstore), catch a free concert, and buy some local beers from the quaint community grocery store. (If you're a beer drinker, which I am not, my husband recommends the Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai IPA.)

We stay in Old Grayton Beach in a charming little neighborhood just a stone's throw away from The Red Bar. Again, if you've been there, you know it! It's also kind of a thing.

What we love about this spot is that it's right off the beach near a lagoon which becomes the de-facto kiddie pool for all the families vacationing in the area. It's seriously never more than three or four feet deep and a treasure trove for kids looking to catch little fish and crabs. My nephews actually caught a full-sized crab there one morning!

There's a reason this part of Florida is known as the Emerald Coast. Check out the gorgeous water and perfect, soft sand!

Ok, that is NOT the house we stayed in but it's the first one you see from the beach and it's gorgeous. We stay in a house called the 4 Fish Cottage. I've provided the link to its post on VRBO, if you're interested. Clean, well-equipped, great size!

Thanks for indulging me and checking out pictures of my family. I think they're pretty cute!