Destination Vow Renewal/Family Reunion

It might just happen to be my family's reunion and my parents' vow renewal in honor of their 35 anniversary but I still thought I'd share some of the pictures. ;o) We were in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. 

Pretty cute ring bearers - that's my little guy on the right

The flower girls - my daughters

The bride escorted by her eldest son

The officiant was my younger brother, with no official authority to perform a ceremony!

It's always preferable to have a separate photographer. The tripod/timer thing is such a pain! But it worked, with a little help from Photoshop too.

This is the most current family picture I have my family.

35 years is quite an achievement. So thankful for my parents!

P.S. Anyone want to fly me somewhere exotic to capture your wedding/vow renewal? ;o)